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Staying Active during these Unique Weeks

We are in a time where change is all around us. Shops are closing doors, people are staying inside, and nothing seems to be as it was even two weeks ago.

It's hard to feel productive when you're staying in your home all day and night. But keeping your mind and body active are so important to your mental and physical health! We have compiled a list below of activities to keep you moving and thinking! Big thanks to my daughter for compiling this list!

To Do List:

- organizes drawer

- clean out the closet

- stretch daily

- yoga

- be on the phone less

- do devotions every other day

- read the bible

- clean out garage

- take an online class

- clean out refrigerator and pantry

- journal

- make packing lists for future trips

- deep clean room & bathroom

- throw out old makeup and medicine

- delete pictures on phone

- delete unused apps

- delete unneeded emails

- rearrange a room

- make some plans for summer

- nail & skin care

- read a book

- make meals

- outfit plan

- use a bath bomb

- update calendar

- play board games

- do puzzles

- plan parties

- make a positivity jar

- do art

- pray

- go hiking

- try a new cookie or cake recipe

- make ice cream

- teach your dog tricks

- make rock candy

- picnic (even if indoors)

- make personal pizzas

- make popsicles

- make an indoor spa

- start learning a new language

- watch some favorite movies

- make a fancy drink

- try something off Pinterest

- make of list of things you’re grateful for

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